#25: Strategic Plan – Part 2


Following on from last week, I have decided to take as an example someone whose core business is going to be providing virtual operational support to the small and medium sized business (SME) market.

Imagine for the moment that this could be you, and it might help you appreciate how a plan could be put together to start such a business. Below I have set out the
Strategy” part of a “one-page plan”:

Imagine you are going to set-up a business providing operational support to small businesses. Let’s call it Virtual Business Support (VBS) Ltd. The vision is that you are going to grow your business through trust. It is all about buying trust, which is in short stock at the moment! We are going to make you trusted.

You are going to get your clients to trust you, and that is the value and principle which you are going to live out in your business and which is going to be the bedrock of your strategy. Your core business is going to be simple. You are not going to get distracted by anything else.

Your business objective is to be the trusted supplier of choice; if people have an operational problem, they think of you first. Your business strategy is that you are going to build trusted relationships and exceed clients’ expectations not just meet them.

Finally, the key success factor is to maximise your network, both existing and planned (we will cover this in another article). Not more complicated than that.

VBS Business Plan – Strategy

• Vision – “Achieving Growth through Trust”
• Core Business – providing virtual support to the SME market
• Business Objective – to be the trusted provider of choice…
• Business Strategy – by building trusted relationships and exceeding client expectations
• Key Success Factor – maximising networks

With this in mind, have a go at putting together a one-stage business plan you can envision for you own business. You might find it easier than you think! Feel free to contact me anytime if you feel you need more guidance on this.

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